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The Birman, also called the "Sacred Cat of Burma", is a domestic cat breed. The Birman is a long-haired, color-pointed cat distinguished by a silky coat, deep blue eyes, and contrasting white "gloves" or "socks" on each paw. The breed name is derived from Birmanie, the French form of Burma. The Birman is a domestic cat breed. Also called the "Sacred Cat of Burma", it is not to be confused with the Burmese, which is a separate and dissimilar breed. The Birman has medium-long hair, a pale colored body and darker points with deep blue eyes. Even though the cat is pointed, the paws. Blue Point Birman Cat. 127 likes. The Birman is classified as a semi-long haired cat. They have a long stocky and muscular body. The Birman face is. Colours of the Birman Cat. The birmans are colourpointed cats, like the siameses or ragdolls. That means that they have a darker colour in the points face, ears, legs, tail and genitals than in the body, where they have golden beige in all varieties.

The Seal & Blue Point Birman Cat Club runs a very busy Birman Rescue and Welfare service, with four rescue homes in the UK for Birmans under our care. Many of the Birmans we care for need rehoming due to unfortunate circumstances, such as their owners dying, or not being able to care for them properly. If you're looking for a reputable birman cat breeder, visit Birmancatz Cattery, located near Houston, TX. Click here to learn more about us and our cats! 16/04/2016 · Birman cat birman cat fanciers club of qld birmans are born white and generally by the time they are ready to go to their new the body coat colour ranges from a cream in seal points, magnolia in lilac here are some more.

These fluffy, blue-eyed beauties are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cat breeds in existence. From their creamy white coats to their magnificent markings, the Birman is known by many cat lovers for their striking characteristics. Aside from their obvious eye appeal, here are 5 things you didn’t know. The Birman, also called the "Sacred Cat of Burma", is a domestic cat breed. The Birman is a long-haired, colour-pointed cat distinguished by a silky coat, deep blue eyes, and contrasting white "gloves" or "socks" on each paw.

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I have two Birman Seal/Tortie Point beautiful blue eyed female kittens that are indoor cats only. They are litter trained,wormed and flea treated and loving, sociable cats that are not timid or scared by loud noises, fine with other animals and children. Birmans by Nicsha Birmans breeding pedigree Birman kittens Brisbane. Coat: The coat of the Birman cat breed is medium to long, beautiful and silky to the touch. They have no undercoat and the thickness of coat varies seasonally. Coat colors come in seal point, blue point, chocolate point, lilac point, and various parti-color point and lynx point colors. Paws have white gloves and extend up the back, called laces. A Birman kitten is born pure white, with pale blue eyes. The point colors first appear on the ears and tail, and darken slowly as the kitten grows; their eye color also deepens as they get older. Birman cat breed behavior, personality and temperament. About Us. The Birman Cat Club of Australia was founded in 1977 by a group of people dedicated to this wonderful breed. The club is affiliated with the New South Wales Cat Fanciers Association of Australia, which is a member of the Coordinating Cat Council of Australia.

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Sacred cat of Burma, Albafeles, Birman Cats, kitten available, cattery of birmans, photo and pictures. Sacred Birmans Photo-gallery and pictures - Albafeles Birman cats PHOTO-GALLERY. Photo-gallery. Albafeles' gallery. Video. Founders. colour: blue point. EC. Icingsugar's Frodo Baggins. Getting a new cat or kitten is a massive commitment, so make sure you have researched the breed fully and have the time and commitment necessary to care for the cat. You can read our detailed Information guide about cats for potential new cat owners. Also read our Birman Cat breed information profile. Confirm that the advertiser is genuine. Birman, "the sacred cat of Burma", cats are born white as are all color point cats. It has med-long hair, a pale body with dark points and blue eyes,all with white symmetrical gloved paws on all 4 feet. First recognized in 1925, outcrossed with Siamese and Persians. The Birman was used to create new breeds like the Ragdoll. The markings can be.

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